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Going to be the 142th Anniversary this year – PMBBMDA was set up in 1877. We are proud to say that we may possible be the oldest trade related association in Penang

The Origin of ‘PMBBMDA’

The late, Mr Tan Kim Tin played an important role in the history of PMBBMDA. Here is the story:
During the end of 19th Century, there used to be flooding in the Esplanade. Several efforts and projects were put up by the British Government, to build retaining wall along the beach. Unfortunately, they failed to do so. Later, a team led by Mr Tan Kim Tin was assigned to takeover the said project. Finally, the wall was successfully built. As a result, the late, Mr Tan Kim Tin was rewarded by British Government with a piece of land at Trusan Road.

Temple at Trusan Road

A ‘Loh Pan Kong’ temple was build on the land awarded to Mr Tan Kim Tin 90 years ago. Originally, it was an ‘atap’ house. As there was no proper maintenance for a long time, the building had become dilapidated. With this reason, a new building was built on 4 September 1973 after donations and support given by its members.

Association Office in Tek Soon Street

Originally, the association office is located at Tek Soon Street, which was brought before Second World War. The building under construction was abandoned during the war. After the war, with the urgent need to have an association office, the building was complete within one year. Following the joining of members engaged in building material supply sector, the association was later known as Penang Builders’ & Building Material Dealers’ Association (PBBMDA). The official opening ceremony of PBBMDA was held in 1959. Later, the Government acquired the building.

Existing Association Ofice

With the compensation from the premises at Tek Soon Street, it was decided by all members during AGM on 29 May 1983 to purchase a new premise that is, our association office at the present. It consists of 750sqf and is located at Room 306, 3rd Floor, Penang Chinese Town Hall. The new office began its operation on 16 AugusT 1984.